During the Great Depression Model T Fords began emerging at local fairs and carnivals as “Take - Apart T’s”,  T’s
that had been customized to be taken apart and put back together within a matter of minutes. 

Today this tradition continues as the Model T Ford Club of Greater St. Louis puts on demos of their much loved, and
always entertaining Take - Apart T. 

The Model T Ford Club purchased the T in the spring of 2005, which was designed by a Ford service manager.
After a repaint, installing a new radiator shell, front fenders and a custom made 1926 Roadster trunk the T was
ready for it’s first demonstration at the 2006 Concours d’Elegance in Forest Park St. Louis.

Five years later the teams perform only at charity events.  The teams hold practice sessions before each event to shed
even more time off of their impressive showing.  How fast do you think they can complete the Model T? 
Their fastest time to date is 6 minutes and 5 seconds!

Meet this little Take - Apart T and it’s team today!
Contact Sam Atkinson at satkinson@charter.net 
“Anyone that sees this show will come away with a smile!” Sam Atkinson Team Chair

Below You Will Find A Photo And Some Youtube Videos!

This Model T was part of a demonstration at the Museum of Transportation
in St Louis, MO on 3 April 2011
that showed how simple it was to disassemble and reassemble.
Five members of the Model T Ford Club of Greater St. Louis
assembled their car in just over seven minutes
at the St. Louis Auto Show at America's Center.