The Model T Ford Club of America was formed to encourage and promote active interest in the Model T Ford
and its history by a membership unrestricted as to location. It is non-profit and non-discriminatory and is
dedicated to widening the base of the hobby by providing information, assistance and direction to interested parties.
Active touring chapters are encouraged in order to spread interest and participation as far as possible.
Local chapters of the club are permitted the widest possible latitude in governing their affairs. Regional and national activities are provided by the chapters.

History of our Swap Meet!

1968    Our club's first Swap Meet was held at the Ford Assembly Plant in Hazelwood MO and also
included a car show.  It was successful enough to make us want to do it again.

1969    Again at the Ford Assembly Plant in Hazelwood MO.

1970 thru 1980    We moved the swap meet to Lou Fusz Pontiac in Creve Coeur
MO and an antique car auction was added. Our fame was building.

1981 We had outgrown Lou Fusz so we moved to the parking lot of Sunset Plaza shopping center. 
We were big and getting bigger every year!

1982 thru 1986    We moved to The Arena on Oakland Avenue.  We had about 350 vendors
and had become THE Swap Meet in the area.

1987 thru 1993    Moved to St. Louis Community College at Meramec in Kirkwood. 
The setting was beautiful, the deals were plentiful and we had grown to about 600 vendors.

1994 thru 2008    We outgrew Meramec so we moved to the MASSIVE parking lot at
Riverport Amphitheater.  We had about 1,100 vendors from 13 states and there
was no end in sight to our growth.

2009 thru 2010    We outgrew Riverport so we moved to Gateway International Raceway in
Madison, IL. The perfect place for a swap meet with over 1,000 vendors our first year there.

2011 thru 2012   Gateway declares bankruptcy leaving us without a venue.  We move to
Fairmount Park in Collinsville, IL.  where we even have 100 inside vendors.

2013 thru 2019    We were back at Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, IL.

2020 Swap Meet will be held at Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, IL Sunday May 3rd, 2020.