This award will be given out at the Annual Christmas Party.

The "Driver Award" is a dash plaque recognizing those who promote the Model T by driving their car.

To earn this award, members must participate with their Model T in 8 of the following 12 events, as delineated below.

If you have more than one Model T, you may drive different cars through the year, to qualify.

But the award will be granted for only on T (a person may not earn more than one award per year.)

For the purpose of our club, a Model T is defined as:

1) That car built by Ford Motor Company from late 1908 through 1927.

2) A car that has been modified, must have a Model T frame, running gear, and engine

    • Engine modifications must be period correct
    • Body modifications may be speedster styles, period correct
    • 12 volt conversions, distributors, brake modifications are acceptable


Parades, 2 of 3

  • St Patrick's Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Christmas in St. Louis

    Tours, 2 of 4

      • Tour de Frost
      • Spring Tour
      • Overnight Tour
      • Fall Tour

    Car Shows, 3 of 5

      • Museum of Transportation - All Ford Show
      • Museum of Transportation - Brass and Nickel Show
      • Forest Park Easter Show
      • One additional car show of your choice, photographic proof required
      • An educational event - school or nursing home

    In addition, cars representing the Club participating in Club sanctioned events (e.g. parades and car shows) must meet the Model T definitions above.

    For event and show dates please see the St Louis Model T Club Events web page